Management Is The Fundamental Operation Of A Company By Internal Users

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Jaquana Savage
BUS 137
February 1, 2015
Module 1 Writing Assignment
Management is the fundamental operation of a company by internal users. The management portion of a business is the most important part. It is the job of the manager to make sure that all duties are being carried out in an effective and efficient way. Managers must makes sure that tasks are fulfilled in a cost-effective and timely manner. They must work with a team of people to form a management unit.
The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Managers must set up a plan for achieving goals as a way to improve performance. For example, McDonalds must plan out the menu based on location to ensure success. When opening at a new
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Planning gives a company the chance to make progress in an extended amount of time. Organizing is the second most important. It comes second nature to planning. Anybody can plan a business, but how it is organized and operated is another story. When a company organizes, they must decide what decisions will be made, who will carry out certain task, and who will work for the company. Planning and organizing is the determining factor between a fortune 500 company, and a “mom and pop” store that’s barely making money.
I have never personally worked with a manager, but I have observed a manager hard at work. A good manager is one whose main goal is to satisfy the intended audience, but maintain a profitable, successful business. A good manager must be able to effectively communicate with customers, employers, or potential business partners. A bad manager would be one who only cares about their individual success in the workplace. While their main goal would still be to satisfy the customer, as long as the company is operating at a decent level, things are fine.
Sometimes, it may not be the manager who are bad, it may be the events that influence the management and the organizational culture. There are three organizational cultures: creation, success, and change. The creation culture is all about the founders, the people admired for the accomplishments within the company, and the vision for the company. The success culture is all about the company’s beliefs, values,
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