Management Style At West Valley Medical Center Essay

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Management Style
Management style is a descriptive way of describing a person’s leadership style, communication style, and conflict management style, etc. This paper is to discover the type of I would like to embody based on concepts learned in class and an interview with a healthcare manager.
The Interview
I interview Heather Howard at West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell Idaho. Heather is the director of the Health Information Management (HIM) department in which I interned. (Howard, 2016) She is a member of the Ethics and compliance, Facility Security, HIPAA, Quality Leadership, and Utilizations Committees. I will also use my personal experiences from this internship to discuss her management style.
Perceived Successful Manager
Howard has a small department that she has been working with for many years now and has developed and understanding of each employee’s assets, what they enjoy, and what they do not. Howard describes her management style as high expectation of employees and a need for them to earn her trust. This is what has been accomplished within her small department and new or outside employees have a difficult time breaking that ice. Howard also states that successful managers encourage employee growth, career planning, giving their employees trust to complete tasks/duties and you know you are successful when you meet team goals and they receive rewards such as the “Turkey Cards” we gotten from Corporate.
When new policies, producers, or ideas are

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