Managing Volunteer Performance Objectives For Employees

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With every new volunteer coming onboard to the organization, it is vital to ensure each and every one is well-versed and fortified with the expectations of the role as a volunteer. Information Sessions and Orientations present themselves as the perfect platform to provide an outline of expectations. For example: the code of conduct, policies and procedures, risk management and administrative housekeeping items (i.e.: reference letters, performance evaluations, attendance, dismissals, etc.) It is important to generate a strong foundation for managing volunteer expectations in order to keep volunteers well-organized and engaged in their role while making a strong impact to the organization.
Performance Objectives
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This will give the volunteers an opportunity to review and respond with questions they may have while they anticipate compliancy from the organization in order to begin their volunteer assignment. In addition to providing the standards and guidelines and the position description, volunteers are requested to sign off on an agreement form after their first shift. The volunteer agreement encompasses many elements from the Canadian Code of Volunteer Involvement (2012) and the National Occupational Standards (2013). Essentially, it is a volunteer pledge to the organization that all responsibilities will be performed to the best of their ability within the boundary of the volunteer role. Likewise, program staff and Volunteer Resources will sign an agreement form to initiate the support that the volunteers will receive while on duty.
Conduct Performance Review Performance evaluations are documented methods in order to retrieve feedback from program contacts based on their observation of the volunteer in the placement. As well, volunteers have the equivalent opportunity to assess and provide their feedback regarding the placement, and share their feedback with the programs. In terms of collecting feedback, there is a great focus on revamping the current volunteer assessment form in its entirety. “Assessing” a volunteer in their role is considered less intimidating than “performance evaluation”. It is believed
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