Market Planning for Selling Slimline Landline Telephones in Cuba

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Market Planning for Selling Slim-Line Landline Telephones in Cuba Introduction In defining the market potential for selling slim line phones into Cuba, the marketing planning process, market segmentation and the core elements of the marketing strategy are defined in this analysis., The role of market research in supporting and strengthening the strategic market planning process are also discussed in this analysis, as is the definition of a marketing distribution channel strategy. A variety of Information Technologies (IT) are also defined in this planning document, specifically addressing the needs of the organization to communicate and collaborate across the many departments and divisions, partners, resellers and service organizations that together comprise the value chain of this enterprise. This market planning document first defines the market research information needed, its potential sources, and research completed to this point of the Cuban land line market. Included in this initial section on market research is an analysis of the types of market research which will be needed for initially designing the marketing plan and executing it. Second, the adoption rate of the proposed slim line phone in Cuba is accessed. Included in this section of the analysis are a series of recommendations for increasing the adoption of the slim line phones throughout Cuba after the formal product launch. Next, the services strategy is defines from the standpoint of how the new

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