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We intend to improve the market share of Old Spice deodorant by 2% in the United States. We are looking at improving the revenue by 5%, sales by 10 % and increasing the customer base by 5 % thus consequentially increasing the share price of P&G by 5%. Our marketing spend this year will be 4% of revenues. This would be in line with the increase in overall sales of 10% and we believe that the marketing spend needs to rise as well to keep up the momentum. We would continue with the similar allocation of funds towards our print and television advertisements. We plan to use the increased budget in marketing on social media marketing and creating new YouTube advertisements and direct marketing.

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About 83 % of US population is living in Urban areas, thus the target market we are looking at narrows down to 70 million

Behavioural segmentation –

Males in the age group between 14 – 35 years who are conscious of the way they smell. Taking an approximation of 50 % of male population, the overall market segmentation we are looking at is about 35 million

Determine if you want to pursue a volume (growth) or productivity focus.
Fundamentally, there are four (4) types of growth marketing strategies:
Strategy 1: convert non-users to your brand,
Strategy 2: enter new market segments,
Strategy 3: increase usage rate amongst current users,
Strategy 4: win competitors’ customers.
There are three types of productivity strategies; enhance sales mix, raise prices, and cut costs.

Specify here the strategy you are recommending for the brand in each target market. State how this relates to the key marketing mix elements relevant to your brand. This should be outlined in greater detail in the Promotional Plan in Attachment 1.

Old Spice as a brand

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