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Task 1 Organizational Overview Cocoa Delight is one of the youngest gourmet chocolate manufacturers in the industry. This is the first company in Australia to process more than 10 different types of Cocoa from several countries. However, this organization is close to reaching its set goals and looking to activate the next phase in its development. Objective • To become a market leader in Australian chocolate industry. • To ensure a wider geographic benefit. • Opportunities to save money. • Choosing media for reaching to people. Mission Cocoa delights is committed to becoming the leader in the au market for premium quality chocolate our mission is provide Australian consumer with the highest quality chocolate on the market whilst…show more content…
They concentrate on young and middle-aged professionals in suburban and inner city areas. Next they targeted to Baby boomers. They concentrate on TAFE and University students and secondary school students. Situational Analysis SWOT Strength • Australian made and owned • High quality ingredients • Social responsible • Competitive prices • Relatively large number of cocoa delights store Weakness • Smaller marketing budget compared to international brands • Products sold in less sale outlets than the two main competitor • Young company not as strong a reputation as other older brands Opportunity • Economic downturn-in uneconomically depressed environment consumers often changes spending habits • The gourmet chocolate sector is growing industry in Australia • Our major competitor is not au owned we will reach consumers who aren’t exposed heavily to print media or radio by using digital advertising Threat • Our competitors more aggressive advertising campaigns and marketing strategies • Popular medias advertising are increasingly scrutinised by an media savvy public • Changes GVT regulations or certification for food stuffs • Changes in import regulation in food industry PEST P The government is currently passing legislation that requires business to monitor and reduce their waste and energy use significant penalties are planned for business that don’t comply with the new directives E Disposable income has reduced due to rising interest Rate this

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