Marketing And Competitive Analysis Of London Sports Games

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sales are bound to increase, further running the economy. As the majority of students do not have a lot of disposable income, the free admission for students will be a huge competitive advantage.
Attending sports games is a very social activity that people tend to do in groups rather than alone, this is very beneficial to our marketing campaign as for every person we market too, a small group finds out about the event. By increasing attendance, we are generating a social hub which will be appealing for people considering attending due to a “fun” atmosphere. Furthermore, as young adults tend to post their activities on social media, this is a potential for free advertisement.
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With over 150 student-organized clubs many of which are sports related, this is a large potential market. Also, although club meetings are mandatory, clubs are typically searching for events to do together2.
Consumer analysis
Alumni: With alumni making up the large majority of the fan base at Westerns varsity games, we already have a very large and loyal following. With successful marketing in this target market, Morton should focus his attention on ensuring that alumni continue to return yearly by offering new events to keep the alumni interested.
Upper year students: Upper year students make up the large majority of the Western population, but as they are further in their education they have reached a point where their education is their priority. Despite having less disposable income, as upper year students will be going out less often (due to their busy schedules), they will be more willing to spend money on a more “luxury” night.
First-year students: With 4566 first-year students they are the longest-term potential clients, and are arguably the most social. First year students living in residence are often likely to attend events in large groups , there’s also a large concentration of these students in just 9 buildings. Also, these students often have to purchase food on a daily basis and tend to have the most disposable income.

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