Marketing Development And The Telecommunications Industry

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TEOCO, The Employee Owned Company, was founded in 1994 by Atul Jain as an S corporation under the original name of Strategic Technology Group. The original focus of this company was to provide a high quality level of consulting regarding IT projects and some of their first customers were large names such as Mobil, Freddie Mac, and many more. In March of 1998, after three years of operations, the name of the company was changed to TEOCO and Atul Jain made the decision to shift the company’s focus to product development and the telecommunications industry. This move into the telecommunications industry came about from TEOCO’s acquisition of BillTrak Pro, which is a software product that processes invoices of payables. Following their first…show more content…
Major Activities One major activity of TEOCO is cost management solutions, which include payable processing and invoice automation. This allows TEOCO to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which requires every company to have a reliable reporting system. According to the case, communication service providers can lose anywhere from five to fifteen percent of gross revenue to revenue leakage (p. C-300). It is seen from the tables located in Appendix 2 that the main competitors TEOCO has in cost management are Razorsight, Connectiv, as well as Subex. Revenue assurance, another major activity of TEOCO, deals with this issue by using their SONAR solution to find billing discrepancies and fraudulent behavior and help discover customer usage patterns. By being able to bring more awareness to these issues, their amount of revenue leakage is drastically reduced. The competitors in this area are the same ones from cost management, with the addition of Wedo and cVidya. Least cost routing is TEOCO’s third and smallest major activity and comes with competitors such as Pulse Networks, Global Convergence Solutions, and Telarix (p. C-300-301). TEOCO uses routing solutions to help companies conclude the best route between two customers while also examining service quality and cost. Discovering and understanding that these are their major activities helps TEOCO understand their place in the industry and how to use it to their advantage moving forward.
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