week 1

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1.1 Interrelationship between consumer behavior and marketing concept

Marketing comprises of all the activities and tasks undertaken to promote and sell the product to the end consumer. It encompasses a wide array of techniques that can be used to push the product/service to the consumer and get them to pay for the same. Marketing can also be done for non-selling objectives like brand awareness, recognition, brand image enhancement etc. In essence, marketing concept creates a value for the customer and communicates it effectively to drive the consumer to make a purchase. It is also almost detrimental in customer retention.

To achieve the objective of the campaign, it is essential to know what the customer wants, what they use, their
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b) Using competitive products: This positioning strategy differentiates the e-book reader from the others present in the market. A projection of the reader being better than others in the market is the objective that needs to be achieved using this strategy.

1.3 Define the societal marketing concept and discuss the importance of integrating marketing ethics into a company’s philosophy and operations.
Societal marketing concept is more based on the interests and wants of the audience / consumer or target markets which in turn work with the companies deliver as per the satisfaction of the customer. The feedbacks from the customers are very important in this concept. Integration of the marketing ethics is very important to the company’s philosophy and operations in many ways. The marketing ethics is much diversified and depending on the market trends the customer satisfaction also changes. The better the feedback the company gets from these societal marketing the more better satisfaction we are looking at for getting the target customer. In turn when any other third party vendor looks our operations for services we give the best impression by reporting the customer satisfaction our ends have been doing.

1.4 Describe how technology enhances the
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