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The apple products

Everyone sees the simple logo of the multi-million dollar apple sign everyday. Whether if its on a mp3 player, or to be more specific the ipod, or even the Mac book, which I am currently using to type this journal, or the iphone, which currently isn’t even on the official Singapore market, but some still get it illegally or from other countries.
Apple has placed itself into pop culture, from how ipods and subsequent trends like the pod casts are created. Apple has managed to market its mp3 players to become renowned around the world as the best selling, or at least the classiest and simplest of mp3 players. From the simplicity of the design, to the uniqueness of its operating system, ipods have made the people who
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By creating so many different methods of awareness and accessories for the ipod and its users, apple is successful in marketing and selling its ipod series to the masses, me being a satisfied one among them.
Another example of successful marketing of apple is their macbooks and the software they sell. Mac, being 2nd to on only the Pc, is slowly catching up in the market, and is being used more widely by the public. The operating system it sells is also a very user friendly one, and all the differences that pc and mac has can be seen in the series of advertisements created by mac, (the mac vs pc show) Not only are the advertisements extremely humorous, they are actually addictive to watch and are probably the main reason as to why more people are using macs, proving that their marketing strategies are working through the advertisements.

Journal entry 2

Tiger beer
Tiger beer, Singapore’s very own beer, a bitter, gold and frothy liquid which when drank in excess, causes the ugly side of humans come alive. In other words, the drink which causes people to be drunk. Still it is a successfully marketed product, as we can see by the number of accidents on roads caused by drink driving. One of the best ways to see how tiger beer has established itself it by looking at some of the pubs and clubs around Singapore,
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