Marketing : Marketing Director At A University

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Marketing plays an important role in any company. There are many functions which are crucial to properly perform in order to have the best results. The particular administrative position I chose to research is a Marketing Director position. This marketing role is an extremely important one in every business, including universities. I chose to discuss the impact this role has on a university. The tools I used will be from reviewing literature and an interview I held.
As previously mentioned, marketing plays an important role in any company because it reaches the ultimate consumer and targets relevant segments of the market. “Marketing is not a function of business, it’s the function of business” (Moorman & Rust, p. 180). It also evaluates …show more content…

180). This occurs in every marketing environment, including the university setting. The journal of marketing claims that contemporary research focusing on the value of shared knowledge and skills in organizations suggested that integrated approaches are necessary because most of the work in organizations cuts across different knowledge and skill domains. Moorman, and Rust (1999) shared knowledge is important in any company, including the marketing department at a university. The woman I chose to interview, Amera, Director of Markiting at Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, gave a lot of beneficial information about this subject. The following areas of the interview are separated by topic:
Roles of unit The goals of the marketing department consist of many fundamental functions of business administration. Marketers develop strategies for all of the university and ensure student satisfaction. They must also identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy based on many factors such as knowledge of the establishment objectives, market characteristics, and other cost factors. The unit must also evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, research and development, and revenue. Marketing activities must also be formulated and directed to

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