Marketing Plan For Apple 's Marketing Strategy

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In January 2007, Apple entered the smartphone industry with a firm stride. Apple 's iPhone be-came a pioneer in the Internet-enabled multimedia cellular phone commerce. Its "revolutionary" fea-tures combined everything consumer could possibly wish for: a GSM standard phone, an iPod and an Internet browser. In less than three month after launching, Apple sold over 1 million of iPhones. However, its success started to fade as an array of complaints and restrictions struck the company with an unexpected blow. Apple had to face dissatisfied customers and international law authori-ties. The issue laid in the core of its marketing plan. The company was mainly oriented on innovative technology, forgetting who this technology was actually serving. …show more content…

Thus, SWOT analysis is central to this task.
Apple iPhone has lots of strengths, such as brand equity, consumer loyalty, high technologies with unique features, and ease of use, developer support and consistency. Beyond that, having Ste-ve Jobs, as a CEO of the company, "the guy who could literally pull rabbits out of his hat" (Roger Kay), added a tag of innovation onto the aforementioned list.
However, weakness play a much more important role. They are: high price, limited production line, its own closed operating system, which is not compatible with any third party applications or services, and expensive R&D. As a result, product is perceived by consumers as a luxury device.
As far as opportunities go, Apple has great perspectives in continuing technological advance-ments and geographical expansions, as well as enlargements of potential markets. Yet, threats com-ing along with even more extensive force, involving diverse competitors, heavy dependence on sub-sidies from phone carriers, the U.S. International and European laws protecting consumers. Besides, economic situation of the market itself, as well as company 's suppliers, could play extremely im-portant role, since it could directly affect consumer purchasing power, and may also create supply

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