Marketing Plan: Maybelline's New Perfume

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Marketing Plan: Maybelline’s new perfume
The University of Sheffield Marketing Management (MTG 2410) Blagoy Savov (BS11124) 21 August 2012

L'Oreal’s Maybelline, a global, mass market cosmetic manufacturer, has decided to develop and market a new fragrance for women. This report includes research, analysis and evaluation of the market environment for female fragrances. Furthermore, it outlines a marketing strategy for the new product which describes the marketing mix to be used by Maybelline in order to sell its new product addition to the target market.

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The company
L’Oreal is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, producing and marketing a range of make-up, perfume, hair and skin care products in over 130 countries. The company is headquartered in Clichy, France and employs about 68,900 people worldwide in a total of 41 factories. With 613 registered patents in 2011 the company earned 20.3 billion EURO of sales in that year and currently has a brand portfolio of 27 international brands (L'Oreal 2011). For more than a 100 years L'Oreal has devoted its efforts in the business of beauty. Its mission is to enable all individuals to express their personalities, gain self-confidence and open up to others by offering the best cosmetics innovation in terms of quality, efficacy and safety. The company pushes the boundaries of innovation by heavily investing in research in order to explore new territories and invent new products (L'Oreal 2012). Wrapping up another year of financial growth, in 2011
Company Responsibility (2005 – 2011) - Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 29.8% - Reduced waste generated by 24.2% - Reduced water consumption by 22.6% - 95.7% of waste is reused, recycled or used for energy production - Reduced total energy consumption by 6.4% for 2010/2011 Company Profile - A century of expertise in cosmetics - €20,3 billion sales in 2011 - 27 global brands - 130 countries -
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