Marketing Strategies For Mobile App

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The aim of the project is to investigate the China market related to mobile software application and to conclude the strategies for successfully launching a foreign app in the China market. 2. Research Objectives

In recent years, mobile app market has experienced a rapid growth and continues growing, hence carrying out research related to mobile app market would be rewarding. In addition, the increasing internationalization of world markets and the changes in technology makes it easier to expand oversea market and gain higher profit. A case study will be studied and applied to examine what market strategies should be adopted to launch a mobile app in the China market.

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Perceived as the leading distributor of internet, mobile plays a vital role in allowing users to easily access a network whether it might be for business or personal use. Book, founder of which is an open source ‘app engine’, suggested that the mobile industry has witnessed a rapid growth in past decades and the trend is unstoppable (Peck, 2014). As a large growing number of people rely on mobile and mobile gradually and unquestionably becomes a part of the culture, there is more needs of human beings for applications on mobile to make their life easier. Consequently, the mobile app market revenue has reached at $50 billion in 2013 and is predicted to climb to $150 in two years (Ghose and Sang, 2014). Based on the rapidly and broadly growth, the mobile app market seems to have great research potential.
Furthermore, the reason why I chose to study how to market a mobile app in an oversea country is that due to the increasing internationalization of world markets and changes in technology, international marketing is essential and effective for the survival of many organizations.
Considering the major differences between markets in the world as to mobile app, different marketing strategies should be adopted effectively. It is reported by IDC (2014) that China’s smartphone shipment has reached 38 million in July 2014. Hence, the users of smartphone has experienced a steady growth. Comparing to any other country, China has more mobile internet users

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