Marketing Strategies For Uber 's Marketing Strategy

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Current Marketing Strategy
By December 2015, Uber has raised total equity funding of $6.61 billion in 12 rounds from 52 investors (Exhibit 2: Uber’s Investment Rounds) (CrunchBase, 2015). Compared to its seed capital of $200,000, the company has expanded enormously in these few years. Besides its evolving service lines, Uber is actively investing and developing marketing campaigns. This is highly related to Uber’s success in attracting customers, which is the most important revenue stream of the company.
The objective for Uber’s marketing strategy is to attract as many new users to sign-up with Uber as possible. These targeted new users are the people who have smartphones and are familiar with functions. This brings the targeted segment
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New users sign up with Uber by using the referral code can have one free ride up to a specific amount of money. The original user can also get a same free ride when the new user used the code.

Event Stunts and Partnership
Accompanied by the evolution of Uber’s service, its marketing strategies are also expanding. One of its most successful marketing strategies is to using special events or holidays to offer customers convenient service in order to acquire new users. Michelle Broderick, a former member of Uber marketing team, said that they are trying to get their customers promoting Uber for them. This creates a more genuine promotional campaign and usually proves more a cost-efficient way to advertise, she said. Some of the marketing stunts include Motorcades for President’s Day which allowed customers ride in the Presidential motorcade in DC; Ice Cream truck event to honor National Ice Cream Month. Users could order ice cream through Uber app and then Uber drivers delivered a premium-packaged ice cream set to your door. Uber has also teamed up with Cheezburger and the ASPCA in October 2013 and 2014 for its Uber Kittens promotion, which delivered kittens to users to play with for 15 minutes in several cities. See Exhibit 3 for a selected list of marketing events. Most of these events were launched through a collaboration with other companies like the Uber Kitten event mentioned above, for instance.
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