Essay on Marketing Strategy Report of Panda Restaurant Group

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Marketing Strategy Report of Panda Restaurant Group Abstract: As the largest and fastest growing Asian restaurant company in U.S., main business of Panda Restaurant Group Inn. covers 39 states or region. In the period of fast expansion, PRG always keeps its traditional features and carries out the modern corporation management. However, PRG also faces so many challenges caused by diverse cultures and market changes. This research provides marketing strategies for PRG after the analysis of External Environment Trends, Internal Analysis and Consumer Behavior. Key Words: External Environment Trends, Consumer Behavior, Market Segmentation, Target Segment, SWOT analysis, 4P analysis. 1.1 Mission Statement: “Deliver exceptional…show more content…
A lower corporate tax code can encourage the unemployed persons to start their own business and benefit the small businesses to increase the employment opportunities. Clearly, most restaurant owners belongs to the beneficiary population and restaurant industry can play a very important role on offering employment opportunities. Of course, under the influence of the policy, people can give restaurant industry a optimistic forecast at least. On the other hand, immigration policies changes will increase the diversity of market. The immigrant will bring their dietary habits, exotic cultures, special management to this country. The pressures of living will promote more immigrants enter the restaurants industry, especially for some immigrants specializes in run a restaurant like Chinese, Italian, Korean, Indian and Japanese. Overall, American restaurant industry reflect a prosperous prospects recently. 2.1.1 Industry Trend According to the latest forecast report of National Restaurant Association (NRA), the total restaurant industry sales will reach 604 billion dollars by the end of 2011. Specifically, full-service restaurant sales will be 195 billion dollars which at the 32.28% of total sales; on the other hand, quick-service restaurant sales will reach 168 billion dollars which will be at the 27.81% of total sales. Compare to the statistics for 2010, total industry sales will increase 3.6%, full-service restaurant sales and quick-service restaurant sales
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