Marks And Spencer As An M & S

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INTRODUCTION: The company we have chosen for this assignment is “Marks and Spencer” as an “M&S”. It is one of the major British multinational retailer companies. Michael Marks opened a small stall at Kirkgate Market in Leeds in 1884, which was known by “Penny Bazar”. But soon Penny Bazar turned into M&S in the year 1894, after Michael Marks move into partnership with Tom Spencer. The company is now specialist in selling luxury food items, home products, beauty products and range of clothing. However, their iconic product was their first bra in 1926, which was a epic for them. Over a 130 years period of time it has been grown from a small stall to an international multi-channel retailer. Now they operate in more than 50 countries worldwide…show more content…
- M & S has taken all the necessary initiatives to become fair trade by clear cut down the quantity of salt in food items and taking consideration to health and wealth policies also cut down the usage of animal fats in the food items. ECONOMIC Economic factors explained the company’s growth and future economic progression. -Their target is now to transform their infrastructure to become a major international multi-channel retailer. -Recently M & S raise their profits by £642 million in four years. (Armstrong, telegraph. 2015). -There food revenue is £5.2bn (+3.4%), general merchandising revenue is £4.0bn (-2.5%) and international revenue is £1.1bn(-5.7%). (M&S, Annual Report). SOCIAL - M&S restricted food items contained pesticides with collaborate Pesticide action network (PAN). - M&S food strictly not made from any mix of genetically ingredients and nanotechnology. - Taking care of fashion trends, continuous change in clothing’s. - Cutting down the prices of clothes taking consideration to consumer needs (M&S, Policies). Technology This factor is bit challenging to maintain technologically update with the market and consumer needs. Now days the retailing methods are being changing. People are more comfortable to do their shopping through online shopping. - Software’s been updated. - Energy efficiency steps are
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