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MARKS & SPENCER (Individual Analysis)

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Marks and Spencer plc is a UK-based company. The business is known best as a retailer. There are over 622 Marks & Spencer stores throughout the UK that sell clothing, food and household goods. The core of its retailing business is clothing, particularly women's.

What market segments do the three different product ranges serve? Assume that the Perfect and Classic ranges serve essentially the same segment.

| |Perfect and Classic ranges |Autograph range |Per Una range |
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With Per Una been translate into For One show that M&S is prepared to offered this new target group with special and detail style to make it a unique piece of clothes. Customers in this range wanted a sense of style which is value for their money and with a reasonable quality which meets the basic quality such as colour fading or shrinkage after washing. Per Una is targeted at the young and sophisticated women are not afraid to put colours into their wardrobe. Therefore, the Per Una is nothing like the Autograph or Classic range as there are more colour choices in the range. (See Appendix 3)

What are the order winners and qualifiers for these different ranges?

Order-winning factors are those things which directly and significantly contribute to winning business. They are regarded by customers as key reasons for purchasing the product or service. Raising performance in an order-winning factor will either result in more business or improve the chances of gaining more business. (N Slack, S Chambers and R Johnston, Operation Management, p.72) These criteria win orders and they differentiate a product or service from those of the competition by offering product or service features that are superior to those competition.

As in the M&S case, the three different range of clothing line have its own order winners to make it
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