Masturbation: There is Nothing Wrong With A Little Self -Love

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Masturbation is defined as the self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm/sexual climax (Knowles, 2002). It is a natural process and one of the most common sexual activities that humans take part in. The subject of masturbation has long been a taboo topic and seen is a sin in many Western religious cultures. Because of this, guilt and shame are associated with masturbation. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries many believed masturbation caused illnesses and it was seen as a disease. This has been proven to be untrue and in fact many medical professionals now believe masturbation to be good for a persons physical and sexual health. Masturbation is a natural healthy…show more content…
Parents need to make sure they aren’t sending mixed messages to their children. By telling them what they are feeling and doing feels good but is wrong is a very confusing concept for not only adolescents but for many adults as well (Moglia and Knowles, 1997). “Negative responses from adults only magnify the guilt and anxiety that a child is taught to associate with this behavior” (Yarber, 2010). The Love Masturbation continues into adulthood with a better understanding of its purpose. At this stage it “can serve as rehearsal for mature, adult sex play with partners, but it can also provide mature people with pleasure and fulfillment, regardless of their age” (Knowles, 2002). Studies have shown that men are more likely to masturbate from adolescence in to their mid 50’s. Women however may experiment in their teen years, but do not regularly masturbate until their mid 20 and then well into their 40’s. (Castleman, 2009). In the 1950’s, Kinsey and his colleagues conducted a study involving undergrads that indicated that 92% of the men they interviewed and 58% of the women reported that they had masturbated at some point in their lives. In recent years those numbers have changed. In a recent study of 98% of males

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