Mgt 406 - Papa Johns Case

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MGT 406 Case 3 – Papa John’s International Muhammad Khan b00034427 Dr. Virginia Bodolica Question 1: Identify 4 (four) different competences of Papa John International and justify your selection of these competences by indicating the type of competences that each of them is. The first and most important core competency of Papa John’s is their emphasis on providing a superior quality traditional pizza. This core competency has been the foundation of their success and it has helped them enter thriving into the pizza industry, which appeared to be matured and saturated. John Schnatter (founder of Papa Johns) key target was to keep their products “simple, consistent and focused”. By keeping this philosophy of providing a better…show more content…
By removing all the clutter away, Schatter now had the chance to perfect his Pizza. Ultimately, this philosophy led to the huge financial success of Papa Johns. A distinctive competency that Papa Jones created was their integration of technology to the pizza industry. They improved ordering procurement innovatively by being the first firm to allow online pizza ordering in multiple languages. Additionally, they also incorporated text message ordering and since then, many of their competitors like Dominos have applied the same tactics. Another distinctive competency that they established was by improving their operations, particularly by creating a central commissary. They centralized all dough production in these facilities to reduce average cost and this also allowed them to exercise control over their quality and consistency. This production method helped reduce their costs, essentially allowing Papa John’s to open new stores more easily. They also lowered the number of corporate owned stores by selling them to franchises. Leasing spaces allowed them to switch locations quite easily. Other efforts to reduce costs included vertically integrating with printing companies to reduce marketing costs and make the material in-house. Question 2: Evaluate each of these 4 (four) competences that you have identified for Papa John International in order to assess their sustainability. To evaluate the competencies we

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