Michael Watson Case Study

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Case Study 6.2: Michael Watson Michael Watson has a math degree and owned a business. He wanted to go to school part-time to become a teacher, but his business and family came first. Once he became bored with it he started to cooch the tennis team at Raddison High School and that in couraged him to become a teacher. He started taking classes at the college nearby, eventually, a math teacher became an assistant principal and he was able to get the teaching position. He was observed by the assistant principal and it was not the best review. Michael was excited to have someone seeing all the interest his student has in class. In the class they were reviewing over chapter seven by going over vocabulary and doing the questions at the end of…show more content…
The evaluation stated that his class is not controlled, the student is disruptive, there is no structure, time was spent on irrelevant topics, the student was not prepared and this caused the lesson to not get finished. Allen wanted Michael to be a more demanding teacher with more requirements for the student because the school has a reputation to up hold. Michael said, “He is doing his best”. Allen said that he sees potential in Michael and that he needs to be a teacher not a friend and that the meeting was just to say that he needs to be more demanding. Michael was shocked and discouraged on his way to his next class, however when he saw his class his spirits were lifted. My thoughts about this case study are that Michael has a great attitude and process to get his students involved in class. Having a more relaxed vibe were students feel comfortable to speak is great but you have to make sure it is on topic and not interrupting someone else. He needs to get everything done before he can just let the class have discussion. He does need to be demanding in the way that they are at least doing some work at home. When it comes to Allen, I believe Michael doesn’t have to teach in the way that he wants. It doesn’t create memories and students want to be comfortable speaking their minds. That is need later in live, students need to be able to think for their like coming up with their own definitions for words will help
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