Middle Childhood Teacher-Child Relationships

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There are several types of relationships, and all require a commitment and an understanding between two or more people. There are friendships, relationships formed with family members and relationships in which two people are intimate. Although the type of relationship may differ, the longings are similar; to have an impeccable union between those in the relationship. However, since people are merely human, a perfect relationship typically does not exist. When relationships are fragmented there comes a time in which people must decide if it is significant enough to mend the pieces back together. Relationships are vital because they give people a sense of fulfilment, success, and enjoyment. Relationships are essential due to the fact that…show more content…
By sharing these things with others it allows people to get multiple points of view. Therefore, relationships also help provide people with alternate points of interpretation that can help in objective decision making and that can help further develop social skills. According to Karine Verschueren in “Middle Childhood Teacher-Child Relationships: Insights From an Attachment Perspective and Remaining Challenges,” relationships develop as soon as the middle ages of life. She states “In middle childhood, school becomes an increasingly important context for children’s development” (Verschueren 78). This goes to show that we develop relationships as early as middle school that influence our development as…show more content…
When people build relationships with others it is evident that levels of stress tend to diminish because they have people to confide in. Normand Anderson, in “Paying with Our Health”, stated that “Seventy-five percent of Americans report experiencing at least one symptom of stress” (9). People all have tough days, whether it be health-related, money-related, or work-related. Thankfully, due to the relationships that individuals build, there is always someone to talk to about the stresses of the everyday life. Therefore, it is important for people to maintain healthy relationships to help reduce the amount of stress of everyday life. In addition to relationships influencing a reduction in stress levels, they increase confidence and sense of belonging. Another benefit of positive relationships is that people encourage each other to grow. People need to surround themselves with positive influences and relationships. This is because true friends enjoy seeing friends succeed, achieve their goals and enjoy pushing one another to accomplish more and build confidence. On the other hand, friends may lift you up but they may also keep you level headed. They keep each other in check in certain situations and bring the harsh truth to
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