Minimum Educational Requirements Meter Reading Jobs

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A meter reader is a utility employee who reads consumption meters for the purpose of billing. Meter readers may read gas, electric, and water meters, in addition to inspecting meters and utility boxes to confirm that they are in good condition, and checking for signs of tampering or fraud. Most meter reader jobs require a high school diploma and a valid driver’s license. Many people start utility careers in this occupation with the goal of advancing to positions with more responsibility. Even though the wage of meter readers was $30.00 per hour, it is still lack of meter readers. Sam McCord, who is the human resource director of the company, suggested changing the education requirement for the meter reader job from high school diploma to college degree. However Judy disagreed with her. This essay will discuss the HRM issue, figure out which suggestions are better and give recommendations to address the issue. Problem Analysis According to the case, there should be minimum educational requirements meter reading jobs. Firstly, it is for the purpose of the company to have good communication skills and well-educated meter reader workers. The qualifications obtained commitments such as high school diploma, may reflect the superior nature of work and job seekers. However, it seems such an unrealistic job qualifications, from a high school diploma to a college degree change educational requirements of meter reading. Which means applicants need to have a degree before they can

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