Mobile Phones And Cell Phones

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When looking at technology in families, parents are often not the focus of research and most studies examine the children. However, with parents being part of a child’s microsystem which directly effects their environment it seems crucial to also look how parents use technology. Technology use in parents could potentially have the ability to shape their child’s use of technology and how they view technology.
In the introduction it was mentioned about how the percentage of adults ages 18-29 had a high percentage of cell phone use and smartphone ownership. However, when looking at age groups who own a smart phone ownership goes down with age. The same trend applies when just looking at cell phone ownership without smartphone capabilities. This means that the younger a parent is, the more likely it will be that they own a cell phone or a smart phone (Anderson, 2015). In this modern day and age cell phones are easy to carry and can be very cheap to buy. Cellphones are an easy and efficient way for parents to keep in touch with their children. A study conducted in 2009 looked at parents and their children. The study questioned how parents use technology and children’s truthfulness in talking to their parents on the phone. It was discovered in this study that parents used their technology as a way to parent by giving reminders, increase their own personal knowledge about their child’s whereabouts, and to control behaviors by telling them to return home (Weisskirch, 2009).

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