Essay on Modern Business Environment: Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management (TQM) is an important aspect in the modern business environment because it is a management approach that seeks to promote the long-term success of an organization through customer satisfaction. Generally, this concept entails the attitude, culture, and organization of a business or firm that seeks to satisfy customers’ needs by providing high-quality products and/or services. In essence, total quality management requires that the organizational culture to focus on quality in every aspect of the firm’s operations. This process includes focusing on doing things in the right way the first time in order to lessen waste and defects across all operations. Microsoft UK is an example of a company that applies total quality management to meet the demands of its global customers. The use of this concept to enhance long-term success of Microsoft UK is fueled by the fact that the firm’s customers amount to approximately every computer user in the world, which necessitates managing customers’ experiences. Therefore, this company provides a good example of analysis of the application of total quality management as a vital concept in enhancing a company’s long-term success and promoting customer satisfaction.
Microsoft has a huge customer base around the world to an extent that nearly every computer user on the planet utilizes the company’s computer products. Microsoft’s growth and development to become a leading firm in Information Technology is driven by…