Modern Music And Its Impact On The Modern World

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The history of music would not be complete without the musical “fine art” that was created for the dominant minorities in Western Europe. Bergeron (1992) admits that it is quite a task to educate a two-term survey of Western Art music since students have no extra time for getting accustomed to the great musical masterpieces and their composers. It acquires the knowledge to distinguish which set of values will assist in selecting the pieces from the canon that are worth being carried from one generation to another. Many students and the academic sectors as whole tend to view the music of the 20th century regarding the canonical nature (Marcia, 2009). It is worth mentioning that the building of the musical canon of works is not tied to history. The article analyses the healthy aspects of the western canon concepts and practices about the musical materials. The case study majors in the construction of the canons and the readings from that of the current J. Kreidler and D. Helbich musical works. Marcia (1993) states that the emergence of gender could not be compared to a historical time nor can it be taken as a blueprint to be used for gathering data about a particular work or person. Gender as a factor has a great impact on the various categories of musicology, and its effect has continued to increase with time. Various researchers have begun conducting research on the influence of gender and their contribution to the growth of the musical practices. According to Suzanne

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