Modern Practice Related to Human Resources Management in the Management Principles of Laidlaw Leeds

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1) What “modern” practice related to human resources management do you observe in the management principles of Laidlaw Leeds?
With the increasing of number of customers, Robert Laidlaw changed his organizational structure in to departments. In addition, add each process in to each department. Product department such as clothing, hardware, leather goods and administrative department such as correspondence, dispatch, office. So dividing each task in to various departments then we can save time and can keep accuracy of whole organization. Because it is very easy that handles a small group rather than whole organization. Apart from that, Robert Laidlaw carefully supervised and monitored each department. Planning the organizational structure
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3) What is the relationship between Laidlaw’s approach to marketing and his approach to staff management?
Laidlaw’s approaches to marketing were the great. Before he started his business, he was taken the underlining business concept like direct approach. There was no middle man distribution to the customer. Because he knew that advantage of direct marketing as well can catch the customer needs and wants well when he starts the business in this way. Always Laidlaw gave his full attention for each customer and try to provide better satisfaction to his customers as they need. Apart from that, Laidlaw believed that business was always balanced on the strong Christian beliefs. He started the company magazine of optimist and transmitted his philosophy of business and life through magazines. Even there, he wrote some articles which were based on Christian beliefs.
On the other hand, Laidlaw managed and guided his staff in well manner. Always he made happy of their employees with arranged some trips. Not only that, he looked his company employees as he had enough time. In every time he encouraged his employees with having one mission and one vision. He always looked each personal need of employees. He is best teacher rather than manager and he tutored his young charges earnestly. Laidlaw believed the unitary theory of management “the principle that a company was a co-operative, in which

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