Motivation Techniques For Positive And Positive Outcomes

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Motivation Techniques

Major corporations have gone through many reforms during the 21st century. Many have realized that people are an organization’s most important assets. The new economy is competitive, global, digital, Net-centric, and knowledge based. High performance organizations in this economy are ones with leadership that understands developments, sets high moral standards, unlocks the full productive potential of human capital, and embraces opportunities for creativity and innovation in the very organization of work itself (Schermerhorn, 2005). Diverse techniques have been developed by management personnel to release the most productive and best performance of their employees. Though many meaningful practices of some managers …show more content…

According to research 50 years ago, motivation techniques were much different from today. In organization many question if the motivation techniques of yesterday are still good for today’s growing organization. Nelson (1996) states that most motivational techniques are essentially the same as in pervious years, people always want more but never seem to be satisfied with what they have. It is part of human nature to have a stable economy, high standard of living, and a low unemployment rate. It seems that it is not easy for an organization to motivate employees today. According to research the basic physical needs of the employees today does not have much impact in motivation, but there are other factors that have a tremendous impact. These are recognition, respect, involvement, advancement, and interesting and meaningful work (Nelson, 1996). Many employees believe that management is unable to motivate them simply because most managers do not have the techniques on how to start motivating them.
According to Robbins and Coulter (1996) “Many people incorrectly view motivation as a personal trait, in which individuals cannot change. I believe that some employees have it and some do not. These views stand to hold some truth, because in the department where I work, as a Correctional/ Identification Officer in the City of Charleston Police Department, most of the employees have motivation and some show no motivation at all. In City of Charleston Police Department the

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