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Negotiation strategies by < Date of Submission> Negotiation strategies Introduction Dealing with a stalemate or conflict can at times be very challenging to two or more groups that are in conflict. Negotiation happens to be one of the most utilised conflict resolution strategies. The success of the negotiation process would rely on the strategies employed in the process and responses by the parties in conflict. Lewicki, Hiam and Olander (2007, pp. 24-28) have provided great insights on negotiation and how to make the process effective. In their article, Selecting a Strategy, the three submit that ‘If you are proactive about strategic choice, you are much more likely to get what you want than if…show more content…
Making an allusion of the negotiation process being just like the buying and selling process, the buyer and the seller would have different roles to play. Haydon argues that the buyer is in a good position to sell their product in that he or she can make her case right in describing the product. Whereas the opponent may be given a chance to give their option, they would be limited with what has already been given by the proactive party. The proactive party would always set the tone and thereby have greater say in the negotiation, regardless of the equal opportunities given to both parties (Jun-Geol & Ouk, 2007, pp. 606 – 615). Whereas equality of the parties is granted, this may not play in terms of the discussions on the main tenets of the conflict and possible resolutions. The intention of parties in the negotiation table is usually to get favourable resolutions based on their situation or the conflict. Gregorio Billikopf (2001) argues that “Interest-based (or integrative) negotiation is built upon the principle of meeting the needs of all the individuals or "stakeholders". However, the needs of all the stakeholders would only be known on the negotiating table and not on assumptions or general knowledge of the parties involved. This cements the fact that proactive player in the negotiation to have an added advantage over the .opponent using the ‘no strategy’ approach. For the proactive player, the
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