Muhammad : A Prophet For Our Time By Karen Armstrong

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Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time by Karen Armstrong
Eba Mohamed

Author’s expertise:
• English Author
• Former Roman Catholic nun (joined at 17)
i) Left in late 1969
1. Due to her being treated badly
2. Led to her crisis
3. Criticism: People in the Catholic Church saw her as a trader because she supports Islam
Significance: Nothing about her education qualifies her to write books on religion or history.
• Attended St Anne 's College
i) Majored in English literature ii) Did not end up getting her PHD
1. Thesis on Tennyson (Alfred, Lord Tennyson) wasn’t approved
Significance: Qualifies her to write books but still not so much books on religion.
• Now a Freelance Monotheist- a non-organized religion. Armstrong personally “draws nourishment from Judaism, Christianity and Islam”
• Wrote 24 books
i) All on religions Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Significance: Shows she is clearly well rounded in knowledge and shows interest about numerous religions, she still doesn’t have any education on these topics.
• Eighth century historians
I. Muhammad ibn Ishaq (Muhammad’s first biographer)
II. Muhammad ibn Sa’d
III. Abu Jarir at-Tabari
• The Qur’an
Significance: shows those who don’t know, the Qur’an isn’t stories of Prophet Muhammad’s life, it is more like a guide on how to live and worship.
• Raza Aslan
i) Avoids the anti-Muslim argument
• Different translators and translations from older books. ii) Not using only one translator could be good because

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