Music Is It 's Something That We Interact With Every Day

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Music is universal. It’s something that we interact with every day. It is a way to express and release emotions, it can send a message that can be related to real life situations, and is a source of communication between people. It unites people in surprising ways. There are many types of music. Music can be composed of beats, sounds, words, and rhythms. Some types or genres of music are; classical rock, rap, country, electronic, and world music. These genres of music can target specific people from certain backgrounds or areas, but also depends on the personal preferences of the person. Music has a history line and most songs are closely related or have been influenced by one another. The power of music can be seen from all different types of artist and music. During a day in your life, you experience many different emotions and situations. You can feel sad, happy, excited, or mellow. Everyone has their own way of expressing their own emotions and some people choose to sing about them or listen to other peoples expressed feelings through music and relate to it. One of the most powerful forms of art is a song that is written to express an emotion. Music can not only define a type of sound, but also define a lifestyle or generation. Generally the emotional impact of music varies according to the listener, their background, their musical tastes, and any particular connection they have with the art piece.
Most people who want to have the feeling of being happy listen to fast

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