My Career Goal Build Software Engineering

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The fast-moving technologies have revolutionized the world from the perspectives of reading, communication, entertainment, business, and so on. The desire to become part of the revolution drove me to choose software engineering as my major in the college. I am so obsessed with programming that I can sit in front of a computer coding for an entire day. Logical problem solving, which is readily visible in computing and programming, has motivated me to continue graduate studies in computer science (basically the major name here, it could be computer engineering or others depending on the program you will apply ). Especially, I’m very interested in Networking and Human Computer Interaction, which are the representative of the speed of development in computer science and fundamental to achieve my career goal—build software that can actually help people and easy to cope with. I want to help people like my grandparents to learn how to use the internet, to be able to talk to people they love when they are far away; I want to give the only child an e-friend when they are alone; I want to help to clean our internet world and stop bullying. I enjoy applying programming to my studies and daily life in the sense that programming enhances my working efficiency and helps me solve challenging problems. In my freshman year, I designed an application to calculate the data from circuit experiments. Manual calculation of the tremendous amount of data readily leads to mistakes and in turn
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