My Childhood - Original Writing

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When I think back to my childhood, I can remember moving with my parents and siblings to Topeka Ks, back in 2006. I started in a new school and was rather fascinated, in a special way, by a particular boy in class. Even though my thoughts at that point in time were not particularly sexual (I was nine at the time), I often thought about how handsome this boy was I had quite a problem setting the issue in my mind. I looked at him ever so often, and in doing so I felt pleasure.
As years went by, as I began to enter puberty, I started to take more interest in boys. While in the locker room during physical education, I detected that I was sexually attracted to boys. Although, I did date a few girls here in there it was nothing serious (specially because we did not even kiss.) During my period of adolescence, I never thought about what I was. All the things that took place in the emotional and sexual real were, admittedly, real and concrete to me. I experienced real feelings for other boys, such as love and sexual attraction. At the same time, I never really confronted my feelings, so I continued to have them without having to worry about them. They just were, and that was fine with me. While some people claimed that my sexuality was “unnatural” (a claim which did not affect me in any shape or form), for me, my homosexuality was very natural indeed.
It was my eight grade year, when I decided to come out to my mom. Personally my feelings were too strong, to deny who I was. School

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