My Childhood Temperament

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My research question is how can my childhood temperament be classified based on the descriptions given by my parents? Some information I would like to explore as well is if temperament can ever change and if so, has mine changed throughout my lifespan? To begin with, I compiled a list of notes on temperament based off of Robert S. Feldman (2017). I discovered that temperament can be described by how children behave as opposed to why they do it and was usually stable into adolescence. Temperament is also neither fixed nor unchangeable. My notes stemmed off of the several dimensions of behavior: activity level or overall degree of movement, approach or withdrawal tendencies, rhythmicity, distractibility, threshold of responsiveness, and the quality of children's mood or irritability. Based off of these behavioral categories I developed a list of questions to ask my parents. I then interviewed them and recorded the results. In response to my questions, my mother mentioned that I would cry around strangers, showing that I withdrew from a lot of situations in terms of my approach. She also said I was afraid of approaching new things. She uncovered that I responded with nervousness to unfamiliar situations, so, I was not a curious child. When tasting new food I would often not smile when doing so up until the age of 2. She imparted that until that age, it seemed like I hated food but after that I ate almost everything. She mentioned I did not adapt to new situations easily and

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