My Experience With The Stroop Effect

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Based on my experience with the Stroop effect I have concluded the test with the conflicting words and colors showed increased complexity. I realized during the test that the incompatible inputs created conflict in my mind. In order for me to formulate a response I had to disqualify an input and validate the solution prior to the final answer.

According to George Washington University’s cognitive psychology department this phenomena is due to the top down processing theory. This theory “establishes the paradigm that sensory information processing in human cognition, such as perception, recognition, memory, and comprehension, are organized and shaped by our previous experience, expectations, as well as meaningful context” (Solso, 1998). According to a Claremont University study, the top down theory could be the explanation as to why persons with English as a second language articulate less difficulty with the tests conflicting information when the test is given in English, yet when the test is taken in the native language the Stroop effect occurs. Another possible explanation for the Stroop effect is the parallel distributed processing theory which states analyzed information is conveyed via defined neuropathways. The more these pathways are utilized, the stronger and faster they become. So, when two pathways are stimulated concurrently the stronger “reading” pathway takes precedence over the weaker “naming” neuronal tract. A third possible reasoning for

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