My First Day Of A New School

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I woke up to my alarm clock and mom banging on my door. The time is 7:50 and I am late for my first day to my new school. Unsure of what to do when I pull up to the school I ask my mom to move back to my old home. I walk into my new class with all eyes on me for being the new kid hoping the teacher seats me in the back of the classroom for a quick getaway when the bell rings. Unfortunately I was seated dead center, with an icebreaker activity. I met a new friend, his name was Augustine. Tall and skinny with no real confidence to him, I decided to talk to him to see how everything runs. Not to long before summer starts and I was hoping the days went by fast. After school was finally over it was time to go home. The first day of a new school was not as bad. I received a text message from my scout master saying the meeting starts at 7. Excited for the meeting to start I tried doing keeping myself busy. It came time for the meeting and got my shirt freshly ironed with my slacks. We were shown to dress up proper young men by our scout master. I walked into the door and saw everyone already sitting at the round table talking about our next camping and fishing trip. The scoutmaster would have us do charity work around the camp grounds picking up trash. Then the topic of our summer camp came up and we were all excited. The activities planned we all fun and exciting. Paintball and ziplining were my two favorite choice. My cousins were already jumping off the table. We planned to
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