My First Love Is Not A Girl But A Machine

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My first love was not a girl but a machine. I had reached a new city moved out from a small town. Got admission in a new school. It was hard to talk to people but not machines. They loved me so did I. I fancied every chance to hang out with them. And sure I loved their company. My first experience of indulgence came when I wrote a Logo program. Every move of the cursor fancied me. Schools changed, people changed but what was constant was my love for these machines. My truest joy came when my parents finally agreed to buy one. I was 11 back then but managed to gather enough information to build a good better half for me. It was P4 processor clocked at 1 GHz coupled with 128 MB RAM which did wonders for me. Courtesy Mr. Gates for making…show more content…
I believe that I will get the best data experience from the integrated curriculum offered at the University. After analyzing a lot of data, I decided to develop a system that addresses key demands of the customers of the Indian Railways. To fulfill this objective, I led my team members to develop the comprehensive “Automatic Station Detection and Washroom Cleaning System” as our UG Thesis. This project was our attempt to solve two problems - that of sanitation in trains and at railway stations; and that of anxiety among passengers (especially at night) prior to detraining as trains usually do not reach stations at designated times. The cost-effective system that we developed has modules that address both of these problems. A novel attempt, the system can be conveniently installed in railway coaches. We based our design on our study of relevant UG courses, extensive literature survey, and guidance from experts (Professors). As a team leader, I took the responsibility for the team 's communication with the Project Guides. Besides, I contributed significantly with design innovations, implementation techniques, and software coding. For the high relevance of the concept and its effectiveness, we received the Certificate of Excellence for best project in the department. The
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