My Leadership And Technical Skills Essay

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At times you hear the expression “too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” This applies directly to my place of employment. Although it is a wonderful assignment, I tend to question the leaders within the organization. I applied for this assignment to broaden my leadership and technical skills but at times the leaders fail to mentor and teach future leaders. I cannot go into the full details about what I do and who I work for but I can express the process on how decisions get made for particular situations. The squadron could benefit from change from within the company which can enhance the process. Conducting an SWOT analysis will allow me to highlight the issues and problems that plague the unit and it will also highlight the strengths that the unit already possess. I am part of a unit in the U.S. Air Force that requires personnel to have a top secret clearance. The clearance grants me access to perform electrical,
HVAC and structural installs in government sensitive facilities across the globe. Also at this unit houses other career fields that provide implementation to special facilities; carpenters, heating and ventilation techs, communications personnel, project managers and planners. The Major competitor is “Construction Outfitters International, Inc. (COI) is a full- service construction-based corporation chartered in 1992 to provide construction management and engineering services to the public and private sectors. COI is structured and staffed

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