My Leadership As A Position Of Leadership

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The ways in which my leadership strengths are capable of being used within in organization had never been something that I had thought about prior to the strength finder activity. For me a position of leadership had always been a potential future responsibility of mine. However, upon taking the strength finder quiz, three of the results that I received were developer, connectedness and learner, and I began to see how I could use these in my work upon graduation. The future of the way in which individuals approach work is changing, no longer is the need of the organizations paramount over the employers. In order to be a productive member of the future of organization, I need to understand how I can use my leadership skills within the…show more content…
Regardless of the difficulty of the situation, when I am approached to offer my assistance, I feel as if my contribution is capable of making a difference; “ no individual is fully formed… each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities” (Rath, 89). As a leader, I approach situations with positivity; individuals are capable of succeeding when they believe they have people rooting for their success. As a leader, being a support system does not only allow for the growth of the individual, but has the opportunity to lead to a successful organization. As much as our society believes that the way to achieve the highest level of success is through placing the needs of one’s self above the needs of the rest of society, the connectedness that exists in our society shows how interdependent we are. As a young adult, I have heard constantly how we must achieve the highest level of education, outperform our competitors on interviews, and surpass our co-workers work ethic. However, what that leads to is a work environment in which individuals choose not to make a suggestion that benefits the company because they don’t believe that their suggestions will be heard. Recognizing that I am able to acknowledge that though, ““we are individuals responsible for our own judgments…we are apart of something
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