My Note On My Sequence Pattern

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Sequence: I use my Sequence Pattern in all aspects of my life. I am a person that loves to have all go as planned without any hiccups. I must know all I need to do, whether working on a personal or professional project in order to feel confident in what I am doing. I can be hard to work with due to this pattern when things do not go my way or how I have envisioned it, as it makes me annoyed instantly. Precision: Precision is a big one for me. I will overthink and research beyond what is necessary so that I do not look incompetent to anyone. I ask a lot of questions, however if I did not ask something that is needed I will not go back instead I will find a way to figure out the correct answer to solve my problem. This will take me to a procrastination state of mind, which I know is not a good thing and I need to work on. I hate that I know what is needed to accomplish my goal yet will find myself in a crunch time state very often and I do not like it. Definitely something that I am in need of working on. Technical Reasoning: I use Technical Thinking on a, as needed basis because I am not fond of tools or knowing how a gadget works. I will take this pattern to make personal choices based on Technical Thinking to put order in my family when things are changing without my control. Luckily I have a husband that really enjoys taking on the tasks of assembling furniture and fixing broken items. When I do have to utilize these skills I can absolutely figure it out,

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