My Personal Experience : My Experience In High School

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I have always been a shy person since I was a little kid. I was always nervous to go do things with people or to make a mistake in front of people. I remember in the 7th grade, the teacher called on me, and I had been paying attention but I got the question confused so I said something that was wrong. I felt the whole class just stare at me and laugh. Ever since then I have always struggled with self confidence. I lacked self confidence in just about everything, like what clothes to wear, what to say to people, talking in front of a class, etc. I have never struggled with school considering I have always received A’s. But I would always second guess myself whenever a teacher called on me. There was one class that I always hated going to because all of the “popular” boys were in there. I always thought they would say something if I talked in front of the class. I was afraid to express my opinions to others even when they would ask me about what I thought. I hated speaking in front of people. I would get nervous so when I would talk my voice would be shaky and I would mispronounce words. In high school we would have to present different things in english class. Once we had a book project that we would have to present, when we would present we would have to talk about how we would rewrite the ending, give a summary, and talk about different characters. The presenting part was only five points so I asked my teacher if I could just miss the five points, she said no. She talked
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