My Reflection Of The Humanities And Communications Program

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The Humanities and Communications Program was a mystery to me when I first heard about it. Many of my friends were in the Math/Science Program, so I heard many stories about projects and activities done there. I only knew a few people in the Humanities Program, so when I got the acceptance letter, I had a mix of emotions. I had worry and fear along with joy, but I was tensed about the people I would meet and the different projects I would have to do. The worry and fear ebbed away after I met my classmates. There were students from incredibly broad backgrounds whom I would be working with. I was surprised when the acuity of my peers and the vast amount of ideas they had. As I went through sixth and seventh grade, I formed strong friendships with my peers. Although the application process and program at first were daunting, I’m glad I decided to choose the center program rather than going to my home middle school.
I first heard of the middle school magnet program when I was in fourth grade. A few of my friends were attending the the Math Science Program and were pouring their feelings about it. Being a fourth grader with limited knowledge about the Upcounty Center Program, I felt out of place with them, so I decided to listen to their conversation. I learned about what exactly the Upcounty Center Program was and the esteemed reputation it had among our family friend group. In fact, it wasn’t only our family friend group that thought that getting accepted into the magnet

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