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We all want to belong. It doesn't matter if we are introverts or extroverts we all want to feel accepted by our peers and a part of something larger than ourselves. As teachers, we play a huge role in helping our students learn how to associate with other children and establish friendships in a healthy way. Students building friendships with one another doesn't always come naturally, so teachers need to facilitate teambuilding and class building experiences accessible to help them along the way. Developing helpful relationships between the students in your schoolroom is a crucial part of building a positive schoolroom environment, nevertheless it may seem a little overwhelming to know how to get started. Follow these guidelines to encourage healthy friendships to blossom between your students! 1. Be prepared in advance for a child new to your room. It says a great deal to a parent and to a child if there are some cubbies made and ready just for them! This will absolutely set the tone for this families’ experience with the center and with you as a professional. Incorporate that child into your Birthday Board. Have a cot ready so they don’t have to do this at naptime his/her first day. Put up a welcome sign on my classroom door for new children and have parents save them and put them in their child’s Baby Books as a remembrance of their child’s first day of school. 2. Welcome this child kind-heartedly, on his/her eye level. Think about how frightening and overwhelming this

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