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Writing, in terms of school work (especially considering essays, prompts, and anything that somehow constricts freedom of thoughts or ideas in any way), does not come natural to me. Writing is hard, no matter what kind of writing it is, but writing papers is especially hard. Some people would choose, outside of forced schoolwork, to write essays and papers and prompts. I do not choose to do such, as many of them may not make much sense. For me, writing short stories or poems or longer short stories (novellas?) comes natural to me. They are free, not necessarily bound by constrictions from a school assignment. But, as prompted, this reflection comes into play with the writing skills used in an English class. I am hoping through this class to make my essay writing (and …show more content…

In the fifth grade, I learned the five-paragraph structure. As I continued through the grades, it was more of an expectation to use that specific structure for essays or large works. In tenth grade, I tried to veer away from the structure, but I have found that my essays always tend to come back to this structure (not so much the five-paragraph structure, but an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion that reiterates the thesis). As a writer and a reader, I know this becomes very dull very quickly. In a deeper layer of the five-paragraph essay, I have found that transitions between paragraphs has always been a weakness of mine. Being able to flow from one paragraph to another is more advanced, perhaps, but it would seem that at such a level as high school writing, it would be expected that the paragraphs at least make sense in the order that they are presented. This is not always the case in my writing. I tend to assume that the connection I make in my head is portrayed in my words or automatically known, when in fact it is most likely a very complicated connection on my part that no one else is bound to

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