National Incident Management System Response Paper

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The “Critical infrastructure, or CI, is a subcategory of infrastructure that includes those assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, which are so vital that their failure or destruction would have a debilitating impact on security, governance, public health and safety, public confidence, commerce, or other societal factors” (Bullock, Haddow, Coppola, 2016). According to the 2013 US National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) there are 16 of these sectors and throughout this paper we will discuss a cyber attack on the water supply sector. The best way to discuss the above will be through the evaluation of the impact that a cyber-attack could have on our water supply, and the probable third and fourth order effects from …show more content…

49). In order for all of the leaders of the different infrastructures to be successful at eliminating or mitigating such attacks they will need a common form of communication as all of their systems have been proven to affect each other. One tool to help eliminate such communication barriers is the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This system “is a standardized management plan that provides a core set of concepts for incident command and multi-agency coordination during emergency response” (Kamien, 2012, p. 486). With such systems as NIMS the government realized that no one system can work without the other and if one fails they all fail causing wide spread panic and various other hurdles for emergency responders to respond to. It is up to the government to realize that our world is no longer ran manually, but rather digitally so that we can better prepare for possible cyber attacks on our key critical infrastructures.
Throughout this research we have shown the affects of a cyber attack on our water supply. We have also evaluated the impact that a cyber-attack could have on our water supply. Lastly we looked at the probable third and fourth order effects from the cyber-attack on this critical infrastructure to include the effects on other critical infrastructures that may be affected by the initial cyber-attack. If we do not take the actions of those who seek to harm us through either a physical attack or cyber attack seriously and work as a team we will fail as a

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