Medieval War Effects On Society

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War is a very horrible and destructive form of conflict, it is a horrific approach to a disagreement and usually leads to many casualties, there have been many forms of war over the past years, war is usually not a good way to go about disagreements but it can at the same time be very effective. Medieval war is one war that represented brutality and gore. Modern warfare is much different due to all the new technology like tanks, bombs and guns. The impact that war has on society is usually very devastating. These are the topics that I will go into further detail about.
Medieval warfare was a terrifying and brutal era. It was full of gory deaths and cruel punishments. Medieval warfare includes some of the most vicious wars like the crusades. The crusades was a war between the Christians and the Muslim people. There were 9 crusades in total, the objective of the crusades was at first to release the holy land (particularly Jerusalem) from the Saracens, but soon turned into seizing Spain from the Moors, the Slavs and pagans from Europe, and the islands of the Mediterranean. The Christians fought with brute force and were ruthless, the Muslims were also ruthless but took on a more intelligent technique. The Christians wore large hefty iron Armor which in some cases made a massive difference between life and death. The Muslims wore much lighter Armor which made it easier to run and be more flexible. The Christians would go head on into battle, often with many deaths. Contrarily,

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