Neglect Of Children And Children

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Neglect: Neglect is defined as the absence of basics needs being met for an infant or child. Their emotional needs, to feel safe, secure and comforted are nonexistent or ignored. Their safety is of no concern to parents or they are unable to keep the child safe. Physical need for food and shelter is inconsistent. When the child needs are not met the child then internalizes despair. Circumstances as to why a child would be neglected could include parents, abusing drugs/alcohol, past parent behaviors of their own childhood or lack of mental capacity. Children that suffer from neglect experience relationship trauma. The relationship between the trusted caregiver and children is nonexistent. Neglected children have the lowest level of…show more content…
Trauma in a developing brain affect the part of the brain that regulated emotion and responses to stress. The Hippocamsas is located in the left side of the Temporal Lobe this part of the brain had been research and identified smaller brain volume in that part in neglected children. That brain region effects learning, memory and the stress sensitive structures. The lower brain volume can still be measured ever after the stress of the event has been removed. This is proving that neglect can alter the developing brain a leave a child with lasting developmental impairment. This becomes a medical issue as well as a behavioral one. Behaviors most associated with neglected children manifest in noncompliance, withdrawal, and internalization of feelings. Whereas physically abused children display more aggressive behavior, neglected children can be hard to detect because they internalize their emotions. Limited activities plague these children, their lack of personal care skills, domestic task and overall community living skills are prevalent. Socially they struggle with interpersonal relations and suffer from social withdrawal and loneliness. They have ambivalent attachment with peers and teachers they are less likely to have a best friend, less popular than their peers and more instance of retention.

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