New Dunkin Donuts : An International Chain Of The Coffeehouse And A Donuts Company

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New Dunkin Donuts Locations
Dunkin Donuts refers to an international chain of the coffeehouse and a donuts company in America (Rangaswamy, 2007, p. 678). The company was formed in 1950 and since its formation; the company has developed to becoming one of the largest baked goods and coffee chains in the world. The company operates about twelve thousand restaurants in thirty-six nations. Having been appointed as the district manager and given the responsibility and the authority to open five new locations for the company, it is my duty to ensure that operational system and the management team is clearly defined and has the ability to function well. This will help in ensuring that the new stores will have the ability to meet the …show more content…

Job enrichment also increases the level of job depth since the employees tend to have a higher degree of control over their work. Additionally, job enrichment improves the quality of employees’ satisfaction, motivation as well as the work output. During the job enrichment process, some of the changes which are aimed at include removing some controls while still maintaining the accountability, increasing the individual accountability, improving employee’s recognition, offering more job freedom as well as boosting the expertise of the employees. These changes lead to personal achievement and responsibility, recognition as well as growth and advancement.
Organizational Design
Organizational design refers to the methodology which is used in identifying the dysfunctional aspects of the systems, structures, procedures as well as workflows realigning them in such a way to fit the business goals thus helping in developing the plans to assist in implementing the new changes (Foss, Lyngsie & Zahra, 2013, 1460). As the district manager, I will adopt the team structure as the organizational design. With reference to the organizational design, team structure refers to a design whereby the organization is made up of several teams and every team works towards achieving a common goal. In this type of organizational design, there are no chains of command or hierarchy. Thus, the

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