New Towns, UDC's and Enterprise Zones

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New Towns and UDC's a) New Towns: Positives? • They bring employment to the area with new businesses. • They disperse the populations of large cities. • Good rail and road links close by to access the larger cities for commuters. • Higher employment rates in a lot of new towns due to industries setting up nearby. • Good public transport around the town. • Lots of green space in and around the town. • Generally lots of affordable housing. • There is a country feel whilst still being in a larger town. b) New Towns: Negatives? • The people moving to new towns are generally between the ages of twenty and forty. There are lots of zero to five year old children and this creates a population bulge. Lots of primary and secondary schools with empty classrooms. • They disrupt the social sides of families. Parents and family being left behind. • The social mix is very similar. Houses are the same price so people of the same income bracket and social background live in the towns. • They are very unattractive places to live. • The town centres can be very congested. • Pockets of depravation and inequality. Lack of community feel. • Generally less character in the towns and much less history. c) Weigh up the positives and negatives of the New Town strategy- in your own opinion, was it successful? (approx. 100 words) I believe they have worked in the newer towns built in the second and third wave of the movement as they have learned from a lot of their mistakes. They have succeeded in

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