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Georgetown University Case Study

The university addresses skill sets beginning at the interview and hire process, and maintain a commitment to continuous improvement for not only students, but for staff and faculty as well. This is accomplished in a collaborative work environment and supports the sustained growth of the university to uphold the university’s high academic standards (CCPE, 2015). All new hires participate in new worker orientation to the university which includes both online and face-to-face training. GTU has various mission statements that are specific to the University’s needs and respective department. Below is the Mission Statement for the Human Resources Learning and Development Department.

GTU is a private, research
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This process happens before, after, and during the new staff hire process. Although, new staff orientation is provided through face-to-face delivery it is what Hartley (2013) calls a "high-tech, high-touch" approach (para. 17), and offered online as well. content management files are managed, it is presumed by the L&D professional and the technology staff and stored using video, word documents, spreadsheets, and other easy access file formats. Consequently, to reinforce specific learning techniques, GTU’s homepage is a wealth of knowledge management repositories granting accessibility to information for later retrieval and recall, which is "shared across campus to bring colleagues together to enhance relationships, grow professional skills, and promote intellectual dialogue around issues important to the student growth, and…show more content…
One such process is the Gallup’s StrenthsQuest assessments, which is used to evaluate new hires to not only identify current skills but determine needs assessment in areas that need growth plans and/or additional support.
1. The process to measure training and development is integrated into each formal and informal training module. Everbrite is used to house the training portal, and manages the registration and scheduling processes.
• GTU has a strong and endowed donor base, and tuition is cost for a limited few; therefore, the expectation would be that learning drives the business component of the university, its programs and organization tie learning and development activities to financial goals. This is also evident in the stringent hiring process
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